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Offers Theses B.Sc./M.Sc.

Laser cooling of a H2+ molecular ion in a miniature trap.
(Contact person C. Wellers)

Extreme laser cooling of an HD+ ion.
(Contact person C. Wellers)

Spectroscopy of a single Be+ ion and measurement of the Earth's magnetic field.
(Contact person C. Wellers)

Precision spectroscopy of a vibrational overtone of the HD+ - molecule.
(Contact person I. Kortunov)

Non-destructive state detection of ultracold HD+ - molecule ions.
(Contact person M. Schenkel)

Development and application of an ultrastable laser system for precision spectroscopy of HD+ and H2+ for the determination of fundamental constants.
(Contact person V. Vogt)

Development and application of a highly stable laser for the detection of dark matter by spectroscopy.
(Contact persons: V. Vogt, E. Wiens)

Development of a new optical atomic clock based on ytterbium.
(Contact person M. Hansen)

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