SOC2-Towards Neutral-atom Space Optical Clocks


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Exploring Gravity with optical clocks in space


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General Publications

· Einstein Gravity Explorer Mission

· Satellite Optical Clocks: Fundamental Tests and Applications

· Optical Clocks in Space, Proc. III International Conference on Particle and Fundamental Physics in Space (SpacePart06), Beijing 19 - 21 April 2006, Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.) 166, 300-302 (2007), arXiv:gr-qc/0608081

· Precision Test Of General Relativity Of The Equivalence Principle Using Ultrastable Optial Clocks: A Mission Prospal

Publications of Project “Space Optical Clocks” (2007-today)
Funded by ESA, EU, German Space Agency DLR, and other national agencies

L. Cacciapuoti, S. Schiller, and the I-SOC science team
I-SOC Scientific Requirements
European Space Agency, document reference SCI-ESA-HRE-ESR-ISOC, June 2017

S. Origlia, M.S. Pramod,S. Schiller, Y. Singh, S. Viswam, K. Bongs, S. Häfner, S. Herbers, S. Dörscher, A. Al-Masoudi, R. Schwarz, U. Sterr, Ch. Lisdat and the SOC2 consortium (
Optical lattice clock breadboard demonstrator for the I-SOC mission on the ISS
Presentation at CLEO-Europe/EQEC 6/2017

S. Origlia, S. Schiller, M.S. Pramod, L. Smith, Y. Singh, W. He, S. Viswam, D. Swierad, J. Hughes, K. Bongs, U. Sterr, Ch. Lisdat, S. Vogt, S. Bize, J. Lodewyck, R. Le Targat, D. Holleville, B. Venon, and SOC2 consortium contributors
Development of a strontium optical lattice clock for the SOC mission on the ISS
Proc. of SPIE Vol. 9900, 990003-12

Ph.D. student Stefano Origlia (ITN FACT) and colleagues from Univ. Birminham and PTB Braunschweig observe the clock transition in the transportable SOC optical lattice clock

Precision on the road: two transportable optical atomic clock apparata have been moved by van from university laboratories (HHU, Univ. of Birmingham) to national metrology institutes (INRIM, PTB) - and are again fully functional

Altschul et al.
Quantum Tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle with the STE-QUEST Space Mission

S. Schiller, P. Tuckey, E.M. Rasel
The STE-QUEST mission: presentation to ESA
presentation (2014)

Poli et al.
Optical atomic clocks (review article)
Riv. Nuovo Cimento (2013)

A. Nevsky et al.
Robust frequency stabilization of multiple spectroscopy lasers with large and tunable offset frequencies
Opt. Lett. (2013)

Wang et al.
Mid-infrared optical frequency combs at 2.5 µm
Nature Communications (2013)

S. Schiller et al (SOC2 consortium)
Towards Neutral-atom Space Optical Clocks (SOC2): Development of high-performance transportable and breadboard optical clocks and advanced subsystems
in "Let's Embrace Space, Vol. II" (European Commission Brussels, 2012)

Herr et al.
Mode-locking in an optical microresonator via soliton formation
arxiv 1211.0733

G. Mura et al.
A transportable optical lattice clock using 171Yb
Proceedings EFTF Prague 2013

M. Schioppo, N. Poli, M. Prevedelli, S. Falke, C. Lisdat, U. Sterr and G.M. Tino
A compact and efficient strontium oven for laser-cooling experiments
arXiv:1209.5639, Rev. Sci. Instr.. 83, 103101 (2012)

S. Schiller et al. (SOC2 consortium)
The Space Optical Clocks Project: Progress report
IEEE (2012)

Schiller et al (SOC2 team)
Poster on the Space Optical Clocks Project - Status May 2012
presented at EFTF Gothenburg 2012

S. Falke, M. Misera, U. Sterr, and C. Lisdat
Delivering pulsed and phase stable light to atoms of an optical clock
arXiv:1108.3729, 2012. Appl. Phys. B., DOI: 10.1007/s00340-012-4952-6

T. Kessler, T. Legero, and U. Sterr
Thermal noise in optical cavities revisited
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 29, 178–184 (2012)

Schiller et al. (SOC team)
Short Summary of the Phase 1 of the Space Optical Clocks project

Schiller et al (SOC team)
Final Report of the first phase of the Space Optical Clocks project

S. Falke, H. Schnatz, J. S. R. Vellore Winfred, T. Middelmann, S. Vogt, S. Weyers, B. Lipphardt, G. Grosche, F. Riehle, U. Sterr, and C. Lisdat.
The 87Sr optical frequency standard at PTB
Metrologia 48, 399–407 (2011)

T. Legero, T. Kessler and U. Sterr
Tuning the thermal expansion properties of optical reference cavities with fused silica mirrors
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 27, 914-919 (2010)

J. Lodewyck et al.
Stability of optical lattice clocks
New J. of Physics 12, 065026 (2010)

T. Middelmann, C. Lisdat, S. Falke, J. S. R. Vellore Winfred, F. Riehle and U. Sterr
Tackling the blackbody shift in a strontium optical lattice clock
preprint arXiv:1009.2017, IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas. (2010)

C. Abou-Jaoudeh et al.
A Compact Source of Ultracold Ytterbium for an Optical Lattice Clock
Proc. EFTF – IFCS, p. 756 (2009)

T. Legero, C. Lisdat, J. S. R. Winfred, H. Schnatz, G. Grosche, F. Riehle, U. Sterr
Interrogation laser for a strontium lattice clock
IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas. 58, 1252-1257 (2009)

T. Legero, Ch.Lisdat, J. S. R. Vellore Winfred, H. Schnatz, G. Grosche, F. Riehle and U. Sterr
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Proceedings of the 7th Symposium Frequency Standards and Metrology, 427-431, Lute Maleki, Ed., World Scientific (2009)

Ch. Lisdat et al.
Collisional Losses, Decoherence, and Frequency Shifts in Optical Lattice Clocks with Bosons
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 90801 (2009)

J. Lodewyck et al.
Non-destructive measurement of the transition probability in a Sr optical lattice clock
Phys. Rev. A 79, 061401 (2009)

J. Millo et al.
Ultrastable lasers based on vibration insensitive cavities
Phys. Rev. A, 79, 053829 (2009)

N. Poli et al.
An optical lattice clock based on bosonic Sr
Proc. EFTF - IFCS, p. 347 (2009)

S. Blatt et al.
New Limits on Coupling of Fundamental Constants to Gravity Using 87Sr Optical Lattice Clocks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 140801 (2008)

A. Nevsky et al.
A narrow-line-width external cavity quantum dot laser for high-resolution spectroscopy in the near-infrared and yellow spectral ranges
Appl. Phys. B 92, 501 (2008)

N. Poli, R. E. Drullinger, G. Ferrari, M. Prevedelli, F. Sorrentino, M. Tarallo and G. M. Tino
Prospect for a compact strontium optical lattice clock
Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 6673, Time and Frequency Metrology 15, 66730F (2007)